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2016 : SEEV-A and SEEV-A-HD new launches
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SE7M Series

(7 metric tons)

The SE7M model developed for the most advanced molding of micro parts features the servo control, screw design and mechanism to ensure super-high precision,
High accuracy and high stability of molding.
Sumitomo Plastics Machinery’s new SE7M Series direct-drive all-electric injection molding machines were developed for micromolding applications requiring the highest levels of precision (extremely tight dimensional tolerances) and exceptional productivity (high yield, multi-cavity, etc.).

Like Sumitomo’s new SE-DU Series, the SE7M features four direct-drive, Sumitomo AC servo motors with full closed-loop control and digital sensors. Plasticizing, injection, clamping and ejection are controlled by these motors, and each motion except plasticizing uses a ball screw. All four motors are beltless, providing superior mechanical efficiency, repeatability and durability, and avoiding the problems associated with belt adjustment and dust.

Sumitomo’s advanced direct-drive motor technology employs a lighter, compact, low inertia design that:

  • Provides the speeds, pressures and torque for the most demanding applications
  • Draws power only as it is needed
  • Is easier and faster to stop and start
  • Provides exceptional precision and repeatability

Specialized features of the SE7M include:

  • The SK-II, the industry’s most advanced injection control, is available to help molders achieve the highest levels of injection fill precision and peak pressure stability. (Control software standard; screw tip optional.)
  • New algorithm and software for the servo control that achieves faster response and improved stability
  • Injection speeds up to 300mm/sec and injection and hold pressures up to 28,426 psi
  • Synchro-plast control mode for resins with low viscosity or uneven pellet size. In this mode, control of both the screw position and back pressure are optimized, ensuring plasticizing stability.
  • Flash speed mode that provides fast response control of velocity and pressure, before and after V/P switchover. It is used to prevent short shots and warp from over-packing.
  • Wider distance between tie bars to load larger, multi-cavity molds and 3-plate molds
  • CPP (Center Press Platen) clamp design for improved force distribution, elimination of short-shot and flash problems, and improved mold protection
  • Multi-toggle clamp force control with two modes: a high-cycle mode in which filling can begin during clamping for improved cycle time; and a gas-release mode in which filling can begin during low-pressure clamping for improved part quality
  • Clamp open/close speeds to 1000mm/sec
  • High-speed, multi-action ejector operation including ejector operation during mold close
  • Easy-to-use control system with 10.4-inch touch-panel color LCD and full SPC and QC capabilities

The SE7M is backed by a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Program with Sumitomo’s standard-setting warranty program, worry-free parts, responsive field service and financing availability – plus advantages such as 3 days free in-plant training and expert processing assistance.

Please use the SE7M Info buttons above at right for more information about this new series of direct-drive all-electric injection molding machines.